A Beginners Guide


No two Montessori schools look exactly the same

Hopes & Dreams Montessori Kindergarten Each will be responding to the needs of individual children and to difference in the society and culture they are part of; teachers will also bring in their own special skills and interests.



hopes n dreams staffMontessori teachers are frequently referred to as directresses because it is a better summing up of what they do- they direct the child towards learning opportunities rather than teach. The staff in a Montessori school should be calm and unhurried and should move around the room discreetly and quietly.


Social Skills

HnD Montessori social skills

Children aren’t born with an innate knowledge of why we shake hands, or kiss, or rub noses depending on our culture and in the Montessori classroom they learn appropriate greetings. As they become aware of other cultures they are encouraged to celebrate differences and value them equally.



HnD Montessori sensorialOne of the first pieces of sensorial apparatus children use when they come into the nursery is a set of solid geometric forms called the geometric solids which they explore with their hands, matching identical ones and sorting into sets according to their geometric properties. At first they are presented in baskets, each basket having one type of solid: semi regular solids curved surface solids and so on.


Practical Life

HnD Montessori Practical LifeThe very first activities children take part in, in a Montessori classroom develop their ability to look after themselves and their surroundings. They can practice dressing skills on a specially made frames buckles. They use little jugs filled with beans or rice and then water to practice pouring: they spoon, scoop, or use droppers, tweezers and even chopsticks to transfer from one bowl to another. Other activities use scaled down versions of real equipment: brushes and brooms, wash-up bowls and cloths, show cleaning and polishing kits, even a tiny safe iron and iron board.



HnD Montessori outdoor activitiesBeing outdoors is very important. Children develop gross motor skills as they climb jump and swing and also social skills as they take turns on equipment and play hide and seek.



A beginners Guide to the Montessori Classroom

Children gain physical impression of size and quantity long before they begin to manipulate numbers by handling number rods, counting our beads, counting spindles into boxes and arranging coloured counters in patterns- odd and even numbers.



HnD Montessori Language

Writing often comes before reading in a Montessori classroom with children building up their first words phonetically using cardboard letters.


Cultural Subjects

HnD Montessori Cultural Subjects Children begin with globes and then study maps using jigsaws. They can trace and colour the shapes of each continent as well as placing them in the right place in the puzzle. They go on to name and put the shapes onto blank maps of the world and to recognize flags.


Art & Craft

HnD Montessori art n craftPainting and drawing should be freely available in a Montessori School but children are less likely to take part in large group craft activities heavily planned and dictated by the teacher.



School opened:  24th April 2019 (Tuesday)
End of Term:
12th July 2019 (Friday)
Opening next term: 
28th August 2019 (Wednesday)
(Please note the opening date)
End of term: 
05th December 2019 (Thursday) - 14 weeks


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