Hopes & Dreams Montessori Kindergarten School Policy

Admission/fees payment policy

On confirmation of a place for your child at Hopes & Dreams Montessori Kindergarten, upon filling in the Registration Form, the registration fee should be paid in advance.

All school fees to be paid during the first two weeks, unless prior arrangements have been made with the office.

If paying by cheque, kindly write the name of your child at the back. You can pay the fees directly to the bank, our bank is Prime Bank, Hurlingham Branch, the account number is 0900803002  please remit the banking slip at the office for our records.


Children in Mars A & B do not have to wear a uniform, but from Venus class onwards, uniform is a must as it helps the child in:

  • Comfort & freedom of movement
  • To save on clothing
  • Neatness & cleanliness

Children wear home clothes on Friday. Half day for whole school.

Withdrawal of children from school

One term’s written notice is necessary on the first week of the term or one term’s tuition fee in lieu of notice.

What should you send with your child to school?

Your child will need a bag to carry the following items daily.

  • A pair of INDOOR SHOES. Soft rubber soled shoes are recommended for the child which are simple enough to be put on and take off.

Indoor shoes will stay at school through the week and sent home on Friday for cleaning.

  • A snack & a drink: We encourage our children to have healthy snacks (e.g. sandwiches, sausage, fruits & vegetables, cheese, boiled egg, yoghurt, dry nuts/fruits etc) and fruit juice/milk. Do pack a variety of snacks and just enough (not too much).
  • Diapers: for those who are in diapers, please include diapers and change of clothes including underwear.

Physical education/Monkeynastix/swimming/roller skating

Your child will be participating in physical education activities from 2 years onwards. The teacher will write the timetable for P.E. in the diary, when they should be wearing sports clothes/shoes so that they can participate fully in those activities.


Please find more information on Monkeynastix here.


If your child goes for swimming, he/she will bring the following:

  • Swimming costume/towel
  • Slippers/sun screen cream/bag for wet costume

Roller skating: Children from Neptune class onwards do roller skating. The trainers are from Vision Skating, they bring their own equipments needed for roller skating. Please find out from the office for more information. 

Conference Policy

Parent/teacher consultations are scheduled every term. Written reports are issued first term and end year term. It is important to note that the decision of the child’s move to the next class will be initiated by the teacher and discussed with the parent.

In addition, parents are invited to seek consultations with the concerned teacher/headmistress at other times by scheduling a conference with prior notice suitable for all concerned.

Observation policy:

For lower class: Parents will be informed when to come and observe their child/children working. Please follow observation guidelines given by the teacher.

Insurance policy:

Children are insured with Emergency Medical Services(Red Cross). If a child is injured, we call the ambulance and inform the parent. While we take all the necessary measures for the safety of your child, in case of an incident the school will not be held liable for any consequence due to the incident.

Friday is half day for the whole school.



School opened: 04st September 2018
Mid – term:
18th – 21st October 2018
        (From Thursday – Sunday)
Back on:  21st   
October (Monday)
End of Term:
6th December 2018 (Thursday)
Next Term:
08th January 2019 (Tuesday)


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