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Q: Will my child be able to make an easy transition to any school that is not Montessori?

A: Each child is an individual and they all go through some adjustment to any new environment but there should be no major difficulties in adjusting.

Q: Does my child need to sleep during naptime?

A: We go with the child. If they want to rest, we let them rest.

Q: What method of discipline do you use?

A: We view discipline in terms of preventive measures. Techniques of distraction & re-direction may solve the problem. We also use ‘Timeout’ - where the child sits on the thinking chair and/ the child misses out on their favorite activities - for older children.

Q: What type of enrichment programs do you have?

A: Trips to a number of exciting venues, cooking for upper classes, using tablets, swimming & computer training.

Q: Why are the elder children working together with the younger children?

A: In a Montessori school the children do work together. This is known as vertical grouping.

The advantages are:

Role Model:

The younger ones learn from the elder children how to take an activity, work with it and return it.


By helping the younger children, the elder children develop sense of responsibility and worth. This helps in their social skills and builds confidence in them.

Simple Complex:

Our activities range from simple to complex, a younger child will take an activity and work with it according to his ability and the elder child will take the activity and work with it or make variations by joining other activities.