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School Policy

What should you send with your child to school?

Your child will need a bag to carry the following items daily.

  • A pair of INDOOR SHOES. Soft rubber soled shoes are recommended for the child which are simple enough to be put on and take off.
  • Indoor shoes will stay at school through the week and sent home on Friday for cleaning.

  • A snack & a drink: We encourage our children to have healthy snacks (e.g. sandwiches, sausage, fruits & vegetables, cheese, boiled egg, yoghurt, dry nuts/fruits etc) and fruit juice/milk. Do pack a variety of snacks and just enough (not too much).
  • Diapers: for those who are in diapers, please include diapers and change of clothes including underwear.

Physical education/Monkeynastix/swimming/roller skating

Your child will be participating in physical education activities from 2 years onwards. The teacher will write the timetable for P.E. in the diary, when they should be wearing sports clothes/shoes so that they can participate fully in those activities.

Friday is half day for the whole school.